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    About theLEAPfactor

    Unleashing Leadership

    At the core “theLEAPfactor” approach is to motivate, inspire and challenge you to unleash your leadership potential by creating a breakthrough moment where we see the world differently and play in a mindset of possibility to create real lasting change in ourself and others.
    Steve Fearns | theLEAPfactor | Unleashing Leadership

    About Steve Fearns

    Steve Fearns is a highly engaging, motivating leadership consultant & life strategist who assists teams, organisations and individuals to Unleash their Leadership Potential at every level of the organisation.

    Building on a wealth of corporate experience in the UK, US and Australia with organisations as diverse as Coca-Cola & Lifeline, he specialises in leadership development, coaching, transformational change and creating high performing cultures & teams.

    Steve is a certified Emotional Intelligence, Mindset, DiSC, Lego Serious Play, Strategic Interventionist, Life Coach & NLP Practitioner and was a past NSW Trainer of the Year Finalist. His unique approach combines cutting-edge leadership strategies with the latest developments in Neuroscience.


    β€œI found the program delivered by Steve to be inspirational, informative and interactive. This program has not only given me the tools to do much more effectively but has also given me tools and techniques to manage my life and external relationships. This course has really inspired me to not only be a better leader but also a better person. Steve delivered the best and most engaging program I have ever attended. I would honestly sit through this class all over again just to keep learning and absorbing more knowledge from Steve. Amazing course keep up the great work Steve.”

    – Ramsn Benjamin, Garmin

    “It’s intense and has a large, positive impact on you. I have found myself reflecting and thinking about how to be a better leader by being a better person. It was challenging and fun. Steve was great. He is real, intense, motivating and very inspiring. I would imagine how much he can achieve.”

    – Caroline Rahme, Macquarie Telecom

    “This program takes leadership theory to a new level by creating a reflective, self-realising, insightful and inspiring journey. It is a wonderful balance between theory and practical application, enabling both professional and personal development. Steve is truly inspiring! The way he engages the room and delivers the program with such enthusiasm, passion, insight and personal flare adds a real value to the course. I believe that it was through this that I was best able to understand the content and apply my new skills and knowledge both personally and professionally. He has helped me realise it is up to ME to be a better version of myself all the time. Thanks Steve πŸ™‚ “

    – Corrine-Leigh Marskell, Boral

    β€œThis program will challenge you, entertain you, take you out of your comfort zone, make you laugh and possibly make you cry but by the end of the program you will have grown and developed into a better leader in your personal and professional life. Great balance between theory and practical application. Steve has the ability to take you to some deep internal reflections whilst making you comfortable at the same time.”

    – Steven McBrien, Novartis

    β€œI feel like the program has turned me into a much more professional and capable business person. Lots of models and strategies I can use at work. I genuinely mean it when I say this course has actually been life changing! It has really helped me to grow in so many ways. Steve is a very engaging and knowledgeable presenter. Quite possibly the best I have ever seen.”

    – Jodie Johnston, Roche

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